Story of My Kaftans

 My limited edition kaftans were inspired by a recent trip to St. Tropez, North Africa and the Middle East. Oh, and my carry on suitcase.  I wanted something flowy and feminine that transcends boundaries yet is unobtrusive, elegant with a subtle & subdued sexiness that is not “in your face.’’ I call them my “traveling fairies” since they pack small, work day and night, on a beach, in a city, on a boat, without much forethought.  Each limited edition is handmade by one special woman in Morocco. My kaftans are expertly crafted from a lightweight Georgette crepe and hand-embellished with blingey crystal embellishments.  I feel they exude a signature “South of France” sexiness with leg-flashing, eye-catching tangy shades of citron, lime, strawberry and aqua

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